Thursday, March 26, 2009

Surveillance actvists won time

Yesterday the parliament was scheduled to vote about the law concerning surveillance of digital data. The wording of the documented presented to the parliament was a slightly disguised version of the first proposal from the ministery of interior, that thus signalized that they need the parliament to sign, but ignore its opinion.

However, 10 MP's from SDS, DSB, and NDSV ( a party that sits in the government) managed to postpone the session to a later date.

The protesters thus earned some time to protest and rasie awareness about the issue. A campaign is led by Програма Достъп до Информация (Access to Information Programme) an NGO working to promote the right to information and initiate a public debate on human rights related issues. They are gathering signatures online for a public protest against the new legislation.

Source: Bulgaria e Nasha

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