Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Uncostitutional vote in the parliament tomorrow

Tomorrow the members of Bulgaria's parliament are again voting about a law that will give MVR (The ministry of Interior) increased access to citizens private data.

Bulgaria e nasha alarms that the vote is a parliamentary coup. The parliament rejected parts of the text. In stead of accepting the elected parliaments decisions two of the government parties BSP and DPS, in the ministry of transport and communication signed a text, that in now way respects the parliaments opinion, but gives MVR the rights they wanted in the first proposal. Thus the text goes through the parliamentary machinery without discussion. Or rather... it has been discussed, but the decision was made before the discussion.

Other parties, and the non parliamentary opposition calls for your attention: The vote tomorrow is illegal!

Bulgarian spekers will find detailed reports, including documents online on Bogomil Shopovs Blog.

Source: Bulgaria e nasha

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