Thursday, April 23, 2009

Afternoon 23/3 09 - Restrictions of protests?

  • The Bulgarian Governement prepares a law to restrict protests
  • SROKSOS calls for protest against this law 29/4
  • Meeting to discuss business development in Studenski Grad
During the spring movement in central Sofia has often been blocked by numerous protests - except for students and environmentalists, unemployed workers, farmers and others have increasingly taken to the streets.
From the government a law is now being prepared that would restrict the right to protests, and maybe more important - make the protests dependent on the consent of the very people they protest against. The law would prescribes that The Ministry of Interior and the local authorities in commune mark certain areas as forbidden. These areas would be around military installations, and, of course, in front of the presidency and the parliament.
The law would also ban the use of animals or vehicles. The protesting farmers have made use of French style protests with tractors and cows. These would not any more be allowed.
After critique from the Europan Council a possibility to appeal to the administrative court has been added to the proposal. This process would take time. Also, any proposal to demonstrate would have to be handed over to authorities at least five working days in advance, which would exclude flash mobs in central Sofia.

Sources: Dnevnik,, Bulgaria e Nasha

In the protest blogs of SROK SOS and Bugaria e nahsa, the proposal is highly unwelcome. SROK SOS calls for a demonstration agianst the right to demonstrate on Wednesday 29/4, 11:00 in front of the Parliament.


SROKSOS also announces a meeting including students and theh main architect in Sofia, Peter Dikov 22/4. The meeting will discuss commercial deveolpment in Studentski Grad. Studentski Grad is an area with dormitories that also hosts a Wild West like Night Club life.


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