Thursday, April 23, 2009

Headlines 23/3 09 - Earth Day in Bulgaria

  • Earth day was celebrated in different places in Bulgaria
  • Austria probes export of garbage to Bulgaria
  • Citizens protest against the Bourgas - Alexandropolous pipeline
  • Bulgaria e Nasha invites to protest for justice in the case Martin Borilski
Earth Day was celebrated around Bulgaria, with information and cultural events like concerts. On you find reports, with pictures from the following Bulgarian cities: Sofia, Stara Zagora , Kardzhali . In Veliko Tarnovo the day was cemlebrated with an exhibiton of school children's paintings.


Austrian authorities is currently investigating illegal exports of garbage to Bulgaria and other countries. Bulgaria is currently in a crisis with dealing with it's own waste disposal. The import of illegaly branded Austrian garbage is hardly beneficial.

Illegal garbage trade is big business, and one of the main financing means of organized crime. In his widely discussed book Gomorrah, Roberto Saviano showcases how the Camorra in Naples dump toxic waste, devastating health and environment. God knows where in Bulgaria the Austrian garbage ends up, and not even he knows what's in it since the branding is faked...

Source: Bluelink

Citizens from Bourgas and Pomorie at the southern Bulgarian Black Sea cosat protest against the Alexandropolous - Bourgas pipeline project. Citizens in Pomorie, where the pipeline is projected to run, will be asked about their opinion in a referendum 16/5.
Pomorie also hosts one of Bulgarias foremost rockbands, The Pomorians.

Source: Dnevnik

Bulgaria e nasha annouces that a demonstration will be held according to plans 28 April 09.00-12.00 in front of the main court in Sofia. Martin Borilski was killed in Paris in 2000. French police found lots of evidence and handed the case over to a Bulgarian court. Since then nothing has happened.
Details can be followed (in Bulgarian) in this Facebook group.

Source: Bulgaria e nasha

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