Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth day in Sofia - Corrected

Today is Earth Day, and the ecologists in Sofia take the chance to bring their message across to the public. I was in the center my self around lunch time and saw several banners with ecological messages.

There are several events in the town today. Find more info on .

If you, like me will miss them, I reccomend Aleksander Ivanovs online photo exhibition .

Today the Bulgarian parliament approved changes in the electoral legislation. The entrance level to the parliament is increased to 8 % for coalitions, and 4 % for single parties. This will make it more difficult for smaller political alternatives (did someone say Zelenite?)

According to many analysts, the only political forces with a reasonable chance to enter the parliament will be the Current governement parties, the liberal parties IF they are in a coalition, GERB and Ataka.

Bulgaria e nasha have good reasons to protest against the decision, that was apporved against the president's veto, and after most of the opposition had walked out of the plenary hall.

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