Monday, April 20, 2009

Opinion poll among Bulgarian students

Martin Dimitrov publishes an opinion poll conducted by Nov Bulgarski Universitet, showing suprisingly high numbers for the liberal coalition SDS-DSB.

The population are 347 students in their first and second year of studies, foremost in political science. My guess is that this group is among the core electorate of the liberal parties in Bulgaria. Anyway, here are the results. I have rearranged them according to the percentage.

ГЕРБ GERB - Populist Right Wing 36%

Синята коалиция СДС-ДСБ The liberal coalition SDS-DSB 16%

Не симпатизират Sypathize with no one 13%

Неотговорили Did not answer 12%

БСП Bulgarian Socialist Party 5.2%

Атака Ataka - extreme nationalist 4.6%

Друга Other political party 4.4%

НДСВ NDSV - Conservative, currently in government 4.3%

„Напред” Лидер + ВМРО Napred Lider + VMRO, moderately nationalist 2.8%

РЗС Law and Order, conservative 1.

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