Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Appeal against violence an terror in Moldova from Mayor of Chisinau.

The following is an open letter from the mayor of Chisinau going out to the world. Hwlp spreading it!

Dear Mr/Mrs,

The Republic of Moldova encounters severe violations of human rights. Following the manifestations on 7th of April 2009, when the presidential and parliament buildings were seized by the protesters, the Moldovan police unleashed a wave of mass terror and intimidation against the citizens. Youth, including minors, has been particularly targeted. Journalists who did not participate in the protests were arrested along with protesters, both violent and peaceful.

The police acted in full force and have been arresting people on the street, students in high schools, universities and youth hostels, but also church attendants returning from the Easter mass. The arrest procedure is not followed through. Those apprehended, men or women, are beaten with cruelty and subjected to inhumane and degrading treatment. There are reports of torture and one death. Not all arrests have been reported. There are still parents in search of their missing children to whom access to their children’s’ whereabouts is denied.

Those released contend that the arrested are kept in dreadful conditions (15-20 people in a 10 m2 cell), beaten with brutality and compelled to sign under false statements. Spot trials are held in police premises with no or limited access to defense. The access to detention facilities is denied including to lawyers and human rights organizations. The repeated requests of the mayor of Chisinau to access the detention facilities were irrefutably turned down.

According to the police, 200 citizens remain under arrest. However, the Moldovan media compiled a list of some 800 missing people believed to be in police’s arrest. Over 50 people were hospitalized in Chisinau after having been beaten by police. There is information that in order to hide the abuses, the detained citizens are transported in other municipalities like Taraclia, Vulcanesti.

We therefore request your immediate involvement to:
• Secure the observance of human rights;
• Stop the inhuman and degrading treatment, torture in places of detention;
• Cessation of terror, the abduction of persons, threats and intimidation;
• Demand access to defence attorneys and fair trial;
• Ensure access the NGOs and media in places of detention;
• Guarantee the rights of the detent, primarily in defense;
• End the illegal arrests;
• Punish the guilty people of committing abuses and release the innocent one.

Evidence and Pictures:
Herein are the brief information and audio/video testimonies of those people who were arrested, abused and kidnapped.

Sergiu Cretu –bone fracture of humerus (arm): 23 years old, peaceful protester, beaten at the police station. For his own secure,
refused to be photographed.

A young person, who request anonymity – bone fracture of humerus (arm), cerebral concussion, muscles contusions/bruises: 23 years old, peaceful protester, beaten in the Park by the police which were civilian-dressed and in uniform.

A young person, who request anonymity – torture, cerebral concussion, muscles contusions/bruises: 19 years old, did not participate in any protests, insulted, humiliated and beaten at the police station.

Popa Andrei – cerebral concussion, facial contusion/bruises: 18 years old, did not participate in any protest, beaten at the police station, received no food and water during 24 hours, were arrested 22 people in 12 m2 .

Roscot Denis - cerebral concussion, nasal bones fracture, facial contusion: 20 years old, student, peaceful protester, beaten at the police station, forced to sign a false statement, handcuffed to the hospital bed for one night.

Damian Hancu – torture, cerebral concussion, fracture of the arm fingers, muscle contusions/bruises: student at the Faculty of Law in Lyon, France. 23 years old, peaceful protester, did not participate in violent actions. Was held by the civilian-dressed state police, on April 7, in the center of Chisinau, as a result of discussions with Swedish journalists. After being tortured, by the policemen during several hours, he was forced to sign a false statement - guilty for instigation and bribed by the opposition to participate in protests. Herein you can find attached the audio/video testimony of Damian Hancu in English, the medical certificate and the request to the prosecutor.

Valeriu Boboc - dead, broken ribs as a result of strikes, a plague on the head as a result of blows with blunt objects: 23 years old, workman, married, father of a 1.5 year old child; peaceful participant at the protest . Arrived in the Square after 5.00 p.m., when the presidential and parliament buildings were ravaged. Killed as a result of the massive police attack on protesters in the night of 7 to April 8. According to the police - found dead in the Great National Assembly Square. Cause of death according to the certificate of death (hereof attached) - unknown toxic poisoning.

Yours sincerely,

Dorin Chirtoaca,
General Mayor of Chisinau

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