Thursday, April 9, 2009

Declaration from the protesters

A decalaration from the protesters is available online, I translate it here, and put up the picture in case something happens with

Declaration FAM
(Moldovan Anticommunist Forum)
"We have no political colour - we are pure and transparent!
The first official declaration from the protesters in the Moldovan capital.

We are many, we are young, we are united. We are going until the end
You can not control us any longer!
We're tired to endure a totalitarian regime, maintained by fear and terror!
Communism is guilty of the biggest genocide in history!
We don't want to be ruled by those that killed and abducted our parents and grandparents.
We ask for the resignation of President Voronin, and the legal ban of the communist party.
We do not want extrem solutions -
we want the president to be sentenced according to the constitution!
We don't forward anyones politics and noone is paying us!
We have no political colour - we are pure and transparent!
Down with the communist magnates who sent us to work illegaly
and take our money even through Western Union!
The luxury furniture and the parquetry in the presidency and in the parliament
are bought from the fees for exchanging foreign currency!
We do not want to go to Italy, Portugal, Spain!
We do not want to go to Canada or Moscow!
We want to work and to be paied in our own country!
We want a state based on respec and confidence, not on fear and blackmailing (My comment: word ending invisible)

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