Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Protests today

At the moment of writing, protests are going on in central Sofia, and in Varna.

Of course there are many grievances behind the protest, and a general disenchantment with Bulgrian politics and politicians. The proposal that triggered the demonstrations was the proposal of a new law on demonstrations.

Bulgaria e nasha has posted a clarificance, why the students and bloggers protest against this law. Summary:

The problems with the law are:

  • The extension of the demanded pre-announcement from 2 to 5 days. This will, obviously, hamper the possibility to mobilize quickly in acute moments.
  • The ban on protests in front of buildings from where the state is run. Protesters will be envisaged to other places like parks. Nice place for a protest in deed, but when the aim of the protest is not present, the effect will likely be less.
  • The mayor gets too wide mandate. Anumber of subjective motives, like fear of violent outbursts, suspicion that state security is endangered etc. gives the mayor the right to one-sidedly cancel protests.

The protest was announced by SROKSOS. Bulgaira e Nasha and Forthenature also stands behind it.

Source: Bulgaira e Nasha

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