Friday, May 1, 2009

Protests in Sofia

200 citizens participated in the protests on Wednesday against the prepared limitations on demonstrations.

The following statement from the meeting was published on Bulgaria e nasha. The translation is my own, if you know of an official English version, please let me know.

The the national assemblyof the Republic of Bulgaria


From Citizens for a Democratic Bulgaria

We strongly condemn your activities and passitivity regarding:

  • The attenmpts to limit the Bulgarian citizen's democratic right to express their opinion and their grievances in public expressions in front of the the institutions they themsleves have elected.
  • The brutal and non-adequate means used by the forces of order against legally demonstrating citizens.
  • The inability of the state institutions to deal with violence and degradation in the Bulgarian society, as well as the lack of will to act legally against criminals and murderers under political and economical protection.
  • The tragic state of the Bulgairan education, and the attempts to decrease the importance of the Bulgarian language in the Republic of Bulgaria.
  • Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia
  • Date: 29/4 2009

Yesterday, 30/4, ecologists held a "Last Waltz" demonstration in front of the ministry, trying to catch the ministers attention on the breaches against the Natura 2000 declaration for protection of the Bulgarian nature. A delegation has been sent to Bruxells, to raise attention from the European Union on the topic.

According to Blue Link the protest did no get the attention from the ministers, but bystanders expressed their support for their supporters.

In todays post, Bulgaira e Nasha publishes some of the text behind the proposal. The law has been prepared rather secretively, and has not been published on the parliaments electronical resource site.

In stead the text is found here, on the site belonging to the Ministry of Justice

Sources: Bulgaria e nasha, Blue Link

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