Tuesday, May 12, 2009


The story about SDS - Blue coalition continues... I was away for a weekend trip to Paris. Last thing I read before i left was that SDS had expelled Plamen Jorukov because of his try to register SDS alone outside the blue coalition.
On the plane back i read in Standart that the eletoral authorities had registered Jurokov's SDS, and not the blue alliance. But Jurokov was not a member any more, right?
Anyway, today I read in dnes.bg that the administrative court, the highest legal instance have changed the decision and registered the blue alliance for the elections.

The European elections this is. I guess Bruxelles should rejoice over this proven stong interest in the European elections, as interest is waining elsewhere. The parliament has published a site with key issues in the elections, in order for people to know what they vote about. The list is more than vague with points like How should our food be grown? and How should we help balance family and career?.

The first question is no doubt relevant, but... do you sincerely believe that a parliament whith green parties had 51 % majority could turn central European industrial farms into small scale family farms, adopting a regional self sufficience? I don't think so. What concrete politice measures are we actually supposed to discuss?

I also doubt that the European Parliament is the right instance to help me balance career and family. I might idealise the traditional social democratic societies at times, but for sure there should also the limits for the state.

The PR campaign for the EU elections has also been critizised in Financial Times' Brussels Blog and a view from the outfield blog. The latter adds literary beauty to the insights of the former.

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