Sunday, May 17, 2009


The European elections are coming up, and so far things have gone as planned for the Bulgarian "alternative" politicians. Parts of them stand behind Zelenite that have managed to raise money and will participate.

Other parts stand behind SDS that finally registered within the blue coalition, after the administrative court had its say.

The administrative court also ruled against the government's proposal to raise the entrance barrier for coalitions to 8 %. Obviously the government parties do not have power over this court, which is the highest Bulgarian court.

I guess I should take on a somehow broader perspective, after all these elections are not about Bulgaria, but about Europe. I have lived all my life closer than 200 km from the EU border which i guess gives a certain perspective... From this border it is very clear that EU very soon has to understand what it is and what it it not. To put things clear - should EU have a common policy against Russia? Or another issue, that will be increasingly pressing - what should the relationship be between the EU and Turkey?

This kind of question will not be decided in the European parliament, and I guess this is why quite few people bothers to vote. After all, the Swedish government's opinion in this matters weigh much heavier than the EU parliamentarians.

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