Monday, May 18, 2009

Think globally - act locally

Democracy is a strange thing, much like love. On the one hand it is about putting global interests, of society, of the planet ahead of your own. On the other hand it is about expressing your own opinion, and defy central ruling.
I believe actually, that there is a kind of contradiction - the bigger the society, the more despotic central ruling will be, which is why the concept of a democratic Europe is so much more difficult than a democratic Sweden or a democratic Bulgaria.

The citizens in Pomorie have used their democratic rights, and voted about an oil pipeline that was projected to go through their county. The answer was a huge NO! , whith 98,97 % of 14.900 votes against the proposition, Dnes reports.

As happy as the enviromentalists might be about the outcome, numbers like these are usually associated with "free elections" in communist states, so they don't speak well about the local democracy to me. I sort of pity the 153,47 guys who voted yes. I'm from the countryside, so I know that everyone will know who theya re, and let them know...

That said, I would have voted no myself.

Nonetheless, more decisions taken locally is the only way to counteract expolitation of the nature. And it would greatly enhance the Bulgarian, and European democracy.

In Varna, Zelenite have held discussions with local citizens on the topic "The citizen and the power - how can we influence the movement of society and the politics" (That is sort of a litteral translation.) See the pictures here. have launched a campaign for internet freedoms. Bluenet usually does not campaign, but provide internet resources for NGO's, but since they feel that their work is threatened by legislation, they have chosen to take a stand.

On their webpage they explain why in an english post. It gives a nice background to civil movements in Bulgaria, points out the pivotal role of the Internet in the new generation of protest movements that are the topic of this blog, and gives quite an optimistic view of this generation.

Read the text, and in case Maladets! is your houshold newssource for Bulgarian NGO's, I suggest that you update with an rssfeed with BluLink's news in English.

Sunset over Pomorie. Picture taken by NIKO. Taken from

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