Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Why I voted green

In the elections I, like many other Swedish citizens, voted for the Swedish green party. Inspired by Neyioten blog, where I could read both why Svetle would not vote for zelenite, and why she would vote for Sinjata Koalitia, I will try to explain why.

I am brought up in a tradition of democratic socialism. Most of my life it has been an obvious choice to vote for left leaning parties, but I have lately come to doubt that left wings politics (eternal growth + solidarity) are possible at all. The decline of parties like UK Labour and the continuous lack of innovative left wing thinking has made me lose hope in the ledt. And there is globalisation... Left wing politics require regulations, and how do you regulate production in China? Or Africa.

So why not face the facts and vote for liberals or center right? Because I neither belive in any eternal growth. The oil will finish one day. Maybe next year, maybe after fifty. But if there is oil for fifty more years, oil- and car companies will make us live fifty more years as if it would last for ever. Liberals and center politicians are way to weak when it comes to defending nature against private exploitation.

There are other issues as well. Like deregulating healthcare and schools, and then expect them to run as if the state payed them. It is difficult to make money from teaching. Private schools work excellent when they can pick their pupils, christian, muslims, ultra-rich... but they are completely useless in granting things like citizen's right to education. I might be wrong, but the only thing I have personally seen from deregulations is that the state pays the expenses for morally dubious enterprises. Deragulation can not be the answer to everything. But it's the only answer I get from Europe's center and liberal politicians.

So... I voted green. Because I hope they can work for a policy that finally take into account that we live on a planet. Ihope also that they can drive a development towards a much more local society, where we consume things hat have been produced locally to a much higher degree than today...

It will of course be a challenge to blog from my localy produced computer, but anyway... :) My reflections in this blog refer to European politics in general, or Swedish. I was not eligible for choosing between Bulgarian parties, and I am aware that my choice might, or might not have looked different is i was.


Anonymous said...

Death to the undemocratic EU. Green parties are fascists because they want to regulate my life.

Maladets! said...

Brilliant analysis, man..