Thursday, July 16, 2009

About my government

As Klasa today offered pictures of Reinfeldt on the second page, I thought I might as well waste some words on my Swedish government.

I was slightly surprised when I saw that the Swedish government alarm about climate changes. High time, of course, but from what I remember from living in Sweden, no-one voted for Reinfeldt because he was an ecologist... In deed his party, Moderaterna, have been vigourously objecting everything said from ecologists since the environment became a political question back in the 70's. If that has changed, all is well, but I dubt it... I guess fight against climate change a'la Reinfeldt will mean money spent on nuclear energy.

Anyway, the reasons that one (I) actually could love Reinfeldt for was his pro-European stance. But how does this run with his support for Barroso. As you might know, the question about Barroso is not so much a question about values, after all Tony Blair is not radically different, but if the European Parliament or the National Governments hold the power in the EU... Personally I don't think Tony Blair would make a big difference. What would make a difference would be if the top EU positions are fought over in European elections, not appointed by governments, themselves appointed by parliaments.

Reinfeldt suddenly seem reluctant to hand over power to the parliament... And the formerly anti-european left are crying for more power to the European Parliament... Isn't ironic?

Happy charimanship, Reinfeldt!

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