Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Bulgarian feminism

Feminism might be one of the values where Bulgaria and Sweden differs most. Women are not neccesarily more opressed here. Quite on the contrary i have seen many women in Eastern Europe in positions preserved for men in Sweden, like conducting orchestras, trams or families. But it is rather hard to find Bulgarians that are outright feminist. In Sweden, on the other hand, even the christian right calls themselves feminists. Anyway, the newly elected Bulgarian parliament will, for the first time in the country's history be headed by a woman - Tsetska Tsacheva from GERB .

She is a lawyer from the beautiful city of Pleven, where she has a disputed track record. Pleven's mayor Najden Selenogorski from the liberals SDS claims that she failed to defend the public interst in favour of private interests in her positions as juridical consult of the community. the case is not settled, though.

Some more polticians from the former powerholders are being sentenced for corruption. Today ex-deputy Fidel Beev from DPS have been senteced to three years of jail by the city court of Sofia. The process has probably not ended.
Guilty as he might be, I am a little worried about this newfound zeal. I really hope that Borisov and the new politicians can separate betweeen bad, or even disastrous politics from criminal activities.

The support behind GERB seems to be big right now, in the political class at least. Even DPS, Beev's party and GERB's arch enemies, have stated that they might support a GERB government.

Source: mediapool.bg

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