Thursday, July 23, 2009

Bojko appoints new ministers

Bojko Borisov, Bulgarias next premier minister, has today appointed the ministers to sit in his government. In case you need an introduction to Bojko Borisov, make sure you don't miss BBC presentation of him.

While the names might be unknown for those with only brief knowledge of Bulgarian politics, like me, there are no huge surprises.

The appointments seem to be technocratical rather than partisan. In general the apontees seem to have a considerable experience form political work, and to be respected also outside the party GERB.

Sofia News Agency have comments
from European/Bulgarian pundits on the new government

Ecologists seemed to have welcomed the appointment of Nona Karadjova as minister of ecology. She has a good reputation form many active years. Among other things she hav organised waste separation and recycling of plastic and glass. In the linked article she gets some kudos from the package business that she managed to cooperate with.

In deed - this is no time for surprises. GERB are very vocal with their aim to turn Bulgarian into an European state, an eye is carefully kept on Brussels (and the EU funding). Also in the parliaments declaration of what it intends to work for, European interation is the top priority now.

All this written from a netbook over a wireless connction in Sofias Starbucks. Like a real blogpost should be...

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