Saturday, July 25, 2009

Uneasy relationships

The world is political. Politics is about compromises and entering uneasy relationships. Not only for tactical reasons - that are many reasons to belive that a society based on compromises* live to be more healthy.

Yesterday my own little world shaked, as two such uneasy relationships cracked. The Blue Coalition announced that they will not vote for Borisovs cabinet. As I wrote earlier, most of the new ministers are rather respected, but one of them - Bozhidar Dimitrov did not appeal to the liberals. He has been working for the Communist secret police, and will now sit as minister without portfolio. The cabinet will be accepted in the parliament anyway, since Borisov can count on the less picky support from right wing RZS and ultra-right wing Ataka.

I think the Blue Coalition has right also here. On the other hand... Bojko himself used to be a body guard of Todor Jivkov, so... is there reason to be surpirsed? I don't know.

Meanwhile, in another side of town...

... Richard Stallman, the guru of open source, published a blog post, critizising the Swedish Pirate Party's view on copyright. Simply lowering the period of copyright til 5 years, as the pirates propose will not do good, Stallman says. It will give Microsoft the right to use open source code in its products without restrictions. But it will not force Microsoft to reveal the source code of its own products, only make them legal to file-share.

Stallman gives some reasonable proposals on how to deal with the situation, as does the pirate paty on their home page. (Link in Swedish)

None the less... I think this is more about a culture clash than juridical details. While I admire The Pirate party for their work for civil rights and privacy, they does not speak much about open source. In fact they speak very little about open source, considering that they speak much about computers...

On the other hand, within open source, filesharing is a kind of avoided topic. The technology is embraced, and most distros offer torrents of their distros. But there is not much discussion about the moral aspect of ripping my new bought CD and share it as a torrent.

The BBC also recently had an article on the Swedish Pirate Party.

Picture by Si1very , creative commons

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