Friday, September 11, 2009

Ole Ole Ole! Voronin nu mai e!*

Today, Friday 11 September Vladimir Voronin, the Communist president that has led Moldova with an ever hardening pathriarcal hand from stalemate to stalemate throughout eight years , has resigned. What will happen in the future is far from clear. The communist is the strongest party, the opposition coalition is untested, and Moldova is utterly dependent on geopolitical developments decided far from Chisinau. But I doubt that anyone will miss Voronin.

Picture originates from Wikipedia Commons, but was adapted in the maladets! laboratories...

Pa Pa!

An article on Voronins imminent resignation in Radio Free Europe

*"Ole Ole Ole! Voronin is no more" - this was sung on the streets of Chisinau in the revolts in April. It was too early, but true.

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