Sunday, September 13, 2009

Freedom Not Fear 2009

Today internet users and vanguards of democracy all over the world mark the Freedom not fear campaign day - against legislative ideas in different countries like Sweden, France, Germany and Bulgaria to store data about citizens' internet use.

Behind the protest stand a wide range of people - in Bulgaria Zelenite and many others protest - in Sweden every single political party have representants talking at todays event. Which makes one wonder who actually wants these measures.

I find this pattern scaring - governments might seem these measures as necessary, but noone wants to defend them in public. Which gives us a kind of policy that lives its own life, that noone wants to take responsibility for.

There are many blogs that cover this topic better than maladets! - when it comes to electronical rights I always reccomend the Free Software Foundation and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Nonetheless, as an internationally minded blogger I can not abstain from stating my solidarity. A free internet outside policial control is the spine of a vital democracy.

Considering governments in countries like China, Iran and Moldova, European governments in Europe should think twice before they limit freedom in the name of fight against terrorism.

Happy demonstrating!

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