Monday, September 14, 2009

Taking a short break

Maladets! will go into a slow period from now until the end of the year. The reason is that I will focus on another blog project - Think About it! (See the banner to the right.

Think about it! is a blogging competition, gathering bloggers from all over Europe to write about climate change. Next weekend we will all meet in Copenhagen for the kick off event, and then start writing up til the UN Climate meeting in Copenhagen 7-18 Dec
Do I need to add that I am excited? :)

My writings will be found here. Welcome!

You can already see updates from the think about it blogs to the right of this text.

For Maladets! I will write more seldom, when I have time. I still have some stuff waiting to be translated, and for sure I will not be able to stay away from the keyboard. Most likely there will be articles about Bulgaria and Europe as well as Sweden, while I take this break... thus I can please everyone that voted in what will happen with maladets!, thank you all or giving your opinion!

I hope also to spend some time adjusting the looks and gadgets on the blog, and come back, revigorated, in December.

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